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Top Ten Favorite Television Productions Set in the 1950s


Below is a list of my favorite television productions (so far) that are set in the 1950s:


1 - A Nero Wolfe Mystery

1. "A Nero Wolfe Mystery" (2000-2002) - Timothy Hutton and Maury Chaykin starred in this adaptation of novels and short stories about the New York City based private detective from Montenegro, Nero Wolfe.

2 - The Company

2. "The Company" (2007) - Robert Littell produced this three-part miniseries adaptation of his 2002 novel about the Cold War during the mid and late 20th century. Half of the series is set during the 1950s. Chris O'Donnell, Rory Cochrane, Alessandro Nivola, Alfred Molina and Michael Keaton starred.

3 - Agatha Christie Miss Marple

3. "Miss Marple" (1984-1992) - Joan Hickson starred in this adaptation of Agatha Christie murder mysteries featuring the elderly sleuth, Miss Jane Marple. The series was produced by George Gallaccio.

4 - MASH

4. "M*A*S*H" (1972-1983) - Larry Gelbert developed this Award winning adaptation of the 1970 movie and Richard Hooker's 1968 novel, "M*A*S*H: A Novel About Three Army Doctors" about a U.S. Army field hospital during the Korean War. Alan Alda, Wayne Rogers and Mike Farrell starred.

5 - Agatha Christie Marple

5. "Agatha Christie's Marple" (2004-2013) - Both Geraldine McEwan and Julia McKenzie portrayed Miss Jane Marple in this adaptation of Agatha Christie's novels about the elderly sleuth.

6 - The Hour

6. "The Hour" (2011-2012) - Romola Garai, Dominic West and Ben Whishaw starred in this series about a BBC news show set in the mid-to-late 1950s. The series was created by Abi Morgan.

7 - Magic City

7. "Magic City" (2012-2013) - Mitch Glazer created this STARZ series about a Miami hotel owner during the late 1950s. The series starred Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Olga Kurylenko.

9 - Ill Fly Away

8. "I'll Fly Away" (1991-1993) - Regina Taylor and Sam Waterston starred in this series about a Southern black housekeeper and her complicated relationship with her employer, a white attorney in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The series was created by Joshua Brand and John Falsey.

10 - Grantchester

9. "Grantchester" (2014-Present) - James Norton and Robson Greene starred in this adaptation of "The Grantchester Mysteries", James Runcie's series of mystery stories that feature an unlikely partnership between a Church of England vicar and a police detective during the 1950s.

8 - Ordeal By Innocence

8. "Ordeal of Innocence" (2018) - Sarah Phelps wrote and produced this third adaptation of Agatha Christie's 1958 novel. The three-part miniseries starred Bill Nighy, Anna Chancellor and Anthony Boyle.
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